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Environmentally Friendly                       The Name Says It All

General Pest's~ We begin with a four-step cleanout process to eliminate your pests:

  • Residual- Quick knockdown and residual control.
  • Flush- Pyrethrin to drive pests from the harborage areas.
  • Dust- Boric acid, Drion, or Delta Dust for longer lasting protection.
  • Bait- We use a variety of bait's depending on the pest.
  •     We can take care of ANY of your pest needs!



    Don't Let This Be You!
    Get rid of your bed bugs!!
    Call Bugs-B-Gone Today!
    (317) 945-2965

    Bed bugs can be found in the most exclusive hotels and resorts. Help protect your reputation, your business and your customers with Bugs-B-Gone.

    This intensive service is designed to kill bed bugs in all life stages and remove them from harborage sites throughout the room.

    We provide an aggressive treatment strategy including:
    • Thorough inspection in and around the infested room to locate harborage sites
    • Treatment of infested and potentially infested areas
    • Series of follow-up treatments and inspections
    Bugs-B-Gone can also provide training for housekeeping and engineering staff
    on proactive bed bug measures. This partnership will help ensure that all
    bed bug infestations are located and effectively eliminated throughout
    your property. 

    Just remember, they can be found in your home, too.
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